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Lakeland Attractions

Wordsworth House

Wordsworth House
The house was built in 1745 and John Wordsworth, father of William and 4 siblings, moved in 1766. A townhouse garden it is the only northern Georgian town garden in existence. Although on the main street it is an oasis of peace and tranquillity protected by high stone walls.

Mr and Mrs Wordsworth employed a modest but standard range of servants. They included a Maid-of-all-work, a Manservant, a Nurse to care for the children and a ‘jobbing’ gardener. Mrs Wordsworth probably acted as Housekeeper, overseeing the running of the household.

Of all of the servants, the Maid seems to have worked hardest, with most housekeeping chores falling to her – including laying fires, cleaning rooms, cooking, sweeping floors, making beds and doing the laundry. By comparison the Manservant did far less. In the mornings he may have joined in the housekeeping chores - especially the outdoor jobs - but in the afternoon he would have acted as footman to his master, receiving guests and serving food and drink.

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